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Much has been said about the new British investor who is set to takeover the operations of the moribund beef state company the Cold Storage Commission.The Herald in its headline says “UK Beef giant takes over CSC” which naturally raises interests in the “UK Beef Giant”

The UK investor is said to be planning to inject around US$130 million in all operational aspects of the CSC from “calf to plate” as they state on their website which has already been updated complete with the CSC logo.

However Boulstead Beef appears to be a bunch of former Zimbabwean farmers who are keen to get back into cattle farming in Zimbabwe using the private company as the vehicle.Nothing amiss with that.

A quick check at the UK Companies Registry by The Gweru Times shows that the board of the investor Boulstead Beef, consists of the CEO Nicky Havercroft, COO Gavin Havercroft and IT Manager Kudakwashe Zafevere.The registered address of the company is 78-80 St John Street London.However the beef company’s headquarters are put as Birkernhead Road, Belmont, Bulawayo.

Another search at UK Companies Registry indicates that Nick Havecroft and Gavin Havercroft are also directors in another company called The Rhodesian Beef Company which was incoporated on 6th November 2015 and whose registered address is 82 St John Street London.

It is not known what previous connection the Havercrofts have with Zimbabwe.However speculation as it that they may have been former commercial farmers there.It does not matter what their previous connection is as long as they bring much needed investment and employement into the country.

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