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A war of words has broken out on Twitter between exiled former Mugabe Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo and two members of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Committee, Shingi Munyeza and Trevor Ncube.

Shingi Munyeza
Jonathan Moyo

Outspoken Jonathan Moyo who is believed to be holed up in Kenya where his wife is originally from has been firing pot shots at Munyeza and Ncube, both prominent business people who were among with others, roped in by Mnangagwa’s administration in an advisory capacity. Moyo has been insinuating that the two businessmen are double agents as they have a history of plotting against Mnangagwa.He even produced a Whatsapp screen shot of a conversation he has had previously with Munyeza planning what they called a Grand Union which was a covert plan for all of them to form a union which would join with the MDC.

Moyo also highlighted that the Presidential Advisory Comittee was just put up to placate the 2 outspoken businessmen as Mnangagwa did not want to make enemies with them.He suggested that the PAC does not have much influence as Mnangagwa rarely takes into account their advice.Moyo stated that the real decision makers are a close knit circle close to Mnangagwa who hold meetings at his Sherwood Farm in Kwekwe without the knowledge of the PAC.

This did not go down well with Munyeza who retorted that Moyo was a fallen politician who was trying to gain attention and relevance by peddling falsehoods. He challenged Moyo to follow up on his earlier promise to reveal to him what had happenned to Itai Dzamara and also promised to show messages which Moyo had sent him begging for assistance.

Below are some extracts from their Twitter scrape.

  1. Prof Jonathan MoyoVerified account  @ProfJNMoyo now 11 hours ago More IT’S UNETHICAL to make public DMs without the knowledge or permission of the other person. But conversely, ask @JeffBezos, IT’S NECESSARY to make public DMs with a Lying Pastor & a charlatan, like @ShingiMunyeza, who uses subterfuge & THREATENS BLACKMAIL to make public your DMs!   Reply 112 replies 78 retweets 275 likes

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  2. Prof Jonathan MoyoVerified account  @ProfJNMoyo 11h 11 hours ago More Right now Mnangagwa is meeting his real decision-making advisors in Kwekwe at his #Sherwood farm where @ShingiMunyeza & @TrevorNcube aren’t invited. For Mnangagwa #PAC is not an advisory body but a cooptation platform to manage failed businessmen who are a nuisance if left alone!   Reply 138 replies 141 retweets 525 likes

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  3. Prof Jonathan MoyoVerified account  @ProfJNMoyo 12h 12 hours ago More #Munyeza & #Ncube DENIALS are like a mine labourer (*L*) in court for smoking mbanje & cross examines witness (*W*): *L* Ndinasuta ndi nyuzipepa kapena pepa la khakhi? *W* Nyuzipepa *L* Bodza, pepa la khakhi. *L* Ndinathawa padoor kapena pawindo? *W* Pawindo *L* Bodza, padoor! Reply 41 replies 31 retweets 196 likes

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  4. Prof Jonathan MoyoVerified account  @ProfJNMoyo 12h 12 hours ago More Simple FACTUAL questions for #Munyeza & #Ncube: 1. Do they deny #PAC met LAST WEEK or deny it was THURSDAY? 2. Do they deny #PAC has clusters & @TrevorNcube heads the media cluster? 3. Do they deny #PAC discussed PRIVATE MEDIA last week or they claim discussion excluded #AMH? Reply 17 replies 30 retweets 160 likes

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  5. Prof Jonathan MoyoVerified account  @ProfJNMoyo 12h 12 hours ago More Facts are not a monopoly of @ShingiMunyeza & @TrevorNcube or their #PAC. Like those of the Cabinet that #PAC purports to shadow, #PAC meetings are in fact confidential. Therefore it’s utterly useless for the two gentlemen to hide under “facts” which in fact they cannot disclose!   Reply 5 replies 13 retweets 67 likes

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