On Saturday 13 April Ngoni Mudiwa was walking to his house at Mashukashuka Business Centre in Marange. As he crossed the road a soldier called his name and waved him to go to them. He complied and when he arrived a Police Officer, name withheld, kicked him and he fell to the ground. The gang bundled him into a Police truck and whilst they were forcing him into the truck, the said officer pulled a bundle of USD notes in his pocket, amounting to $4, 600. Onlookers notified Ngoni that this officer had stollen his money and he checked his pockets and noted that his money had been stollen. Ngoni demanded his money but they would have none of it. After a short distance the gang stopped the truck and dropped him.

Ngoni proceed to Mbada Diamond Base which is predominantly manned by Support Unit and a handful of soldiers where he reported the robbery. When this officer arrived at the base later he again assaulted Ngoni and ordered his junior officers to pour buckets of water on him. When he tried to report him to more senior Police officers at the camp they told him he was lying.

CNRG advised Ngoni to report the matter to ZRP Bambazonke for legal proceedings to start. A letter of complaint against this Police Officer is being written by our lawyer whilst we await legal proceedings to commence.

Story originally by Farai Maguwu

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