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Gweru regional magistrate Pathekile Msipa last week sentenced a 42
year old Mberengwa man to 19 years in prison for raping his five year
daughter whilst her siblings watched.

The man who pleaded guilty to the offence told the court that he raped
his daughter after being advised by a traditional healer that he would
get rich after performing the heinous act.
In passing sentence Msipa said the man had performed an evil act by
sexually abusing his own child who looked up to him as a father for

The state case was that on December 9 last year the accused’s wife had
gone to fetch water at a nearby well when he ordered his three kids to
go into his bedroom. While in the bedroom the man instructed the other two kids aged eight and 12 to watch while he was raping their sister.

After raping the minor the man lifted her as she could not walk
properly and left her in the kitchen while he ordered the other two
kids to go and play outside before threatening them with a machete.
Accused also told his children not to tell their mother on what had happened.

When accused’s wife the children kept quiet but the matter however
came to light when the minor visited the toilet and was heard
screaming.The minor’s mother followed her to the toilet and asked her why she was screaming and that is when she disclosed that she felt pain
relieving herself as a result of the abuse.

The mother confronted her husband over the matter and he admitted
committing the offence saying he had been advised by a traditional
healer to have sexual intercourse with her child so that he could get

Accused’s wife however reported the matter to the police leading to his arrest

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