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Gweru City Council has embarked on establishing environment friendly
methods of waste water management as part of the local authority’s
comprehensive plan on climate change strategies, The Gweru Times has

Speaking during a recent tour of one of the city’s rehabilitated
Cambridgeshire sewer treatment plant, engineering director, Robson
Manatsa said council had refurbished the plant using low costs and
environmental friendly waste water treatment methods.
The plant which Manatsa said was now 70% complete was rehabilitated
with an estimated US$80 000 grant from the German Agency for
International Cooperation (GIZ).

“We are targeting to rehabilitate our sewer treatment plants using
cost-effective and environment friendly waste water management methods
as part of our climate change strategies,”Manatsa said.
“At Cambridgeshire plant we use simple methods where water is filtered
to the now rehabilitated two sewer ponds and we are working on the
third pond although progress is slow because of financial

Manatsa said filtering and aerating waste water using natural
biological  methods ensured low emission of greenhouse gases into the

He appealed to partners to help in the ambitious project as the city
required close to US$500 000 to complete the refurbishment of pump
stations, sprinklers and filters among other equipment at the sewer
treatment plants.

Manatsa said council had long term plans to use treated sewage
effluent to irrigate agricultural land in the city enhancing food
security in the process.

He said the eco- friendly waste water management methods would also
ensure drastic reduction of polluting down stream water.
Over the years council has on several occasions been fined by the
Environmental Management Agency for discharging raw sewage into the

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