Midlands reporter

Gweru City Council’s water woes are set to worsen amid reports of
continuous bursts on the major water pipe from its main supply dam,
Gwenoro, The Gweru Times has established.

Last Friday council spokesperson, Manford Gambiza said the city
experienced three major bursts with the most parts of the Midlands
capital running dry. “We have three major bursts and two (of these bursts) on our main lines from Gwenoro 525mm and 450 mm lines,”Gambiza said.
“The third burst is on the 225mm Mkoba line that supplies Mkoba South.
In Ivene suburb we also have a 75 mm burst which we recently
completed.” he added

Although on Sunday Gambiza said council had attended to the two major
bursts (525 and 450mm lines) he revealed that the local authority was
still repairing six minor points along the major line.

Last week’s burst comes in the wake of another 600mm major burst a
fortnight ago that left residents without water for days.

This is the fourth time that the pipe has burst in a space of three
months after two other bursts experienced along the same line in
January, a situation that left residents without water for several

Over the years Gweru has been facing serious water problems caused by
ageing pumps and incessant electrical faults at Gwenoro

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