Gweru armed robbers pounce on butchery

THREE armed men masquerading as Texas Meats employees raided the butchery in Gweru and got away with RTGS $ 3 531, US$238 and a cellphone valued at nearly $1 000.

Acting Midlands provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a robbery case which occurred at Texas Meats Butchery in Gweru,” she said.

Sources said the armed robbery occurred on Saturday at around 8PM when three men in an unregistered Silver Toyota Camry parked outside the butchery’s staff entrance.

The suspects, who were wearing the company’s yellow and black uniforms, entered the butchery and asked to see the manager.

The source said two of them were led to the manager’s office by one of the employees.

Their accomplice remained at the entrance.

While in the manager’s office, the suspects allegedly produced a pistol and demanded money.

The armed men, the source said, forced the manager to open the safe box at gun point before stealing money and his S6 Samsung cellphone. 

“When they got to the office, one of the robbers produced a pistol and ordered the manager to lie on the ground. The robbers then demanded the safe box keys and tied the manager’s hands. The robbers opened the safe and took RTGS $ 3 531, USD $ 238 and a cellphone valued at $ 988 before putting the loot in a satchel. The two men left the butchery and got back into their vehicle together with the other man who was by the entrance and drove off towards Bulawayo,” said the source.

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