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Harare:MDC Alliance Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora has hit back against what he called cowards and those who once deserted the party, an angry rant with journalist Farai Chikwekwe. Mwonzora labelled allegations that he was a Zanupf sympathiser ‘disheartening and designed to throw mud” at his character”

Mwonzora detailed his history within MDC and the sacrifices he had made, at one stage spending 27 days in remand prison in Mutare for calling for a limit to presidential terms in Zimbabwe.

The long standing Secretary General and veteran lawyer angrily hit back at those who had once deserted the party and called the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai names and said these were the same people who had come back and were casting aspersions on his character.He questioned how the current MDC leader Nelson Chamisa could task him with organising the forthcoming Congress when he was a Zanupf sympathiser.

Mwonzora stated that he was more focused on that and that the MDC Alliance should focus on electing a leader at Congress who will see the inevitable defeat of Zanupf.In his long diatribe he did not seem to be endorsing anyone for the post of leadership at the Congress leaving people to speculate that he may throw his name in the hat.

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