By Delicious Mathuthu in Gweru

A local Gweru based Non-Governmental Organisation is set to construct the first ever Detox Hospital in Zimbabwe for drug and alcohol addicts and abusers just outside Gweru, The Gweru Times online can reveal.

Queen of Peace Rehabilitation Centre for drug abusers and the mentally unwell is currently seeking funds and donations to construct a Detox Hospital which will support drug addict patients’ with blood after rehabilitation.Speaking to this publication, Queen of Peace Deputy Marketing and Public Relations Manager Mrs Ruvarashe Chiwawa said the Hospital will be set on a 40 hectare piece of land that is already on standby for construction.

Mrs Chiwawa said “We are planning on building a first in Zimbabwe, which is a Detox Centre, as you know we already have a rehabilitation centre with more than 60 inmates and this is an advancement drive to clinically remove the drug toxicity from the inmates’ systems not just rehabilitating as we are currently doing,” she said.

 “We already have the stand just after WhaWha Prison which is about 40 hectares in size and we are pushing a ‘donate a brick’ campaign for well-wishers and donors to assist in the construction of the centre,” Chiwawa said. 

Started in April 2012 by a visionary Mrs Gaihai Khumalo, Queen of Peace is one of the few rehabilitation centres in the country focusing mostly on the welfare of mentally disabled and drug addicts.The accommodation capacity of the rehabilitation centre is about 200 inmates but currently has only 66 as other buildings need rehabilitation such as roofing sheets and furniture to realise its maximum capacity.

Mrs Chiwawa said services provided by the charity organisation include rehabilitation services for drug addicts and abusers, medical support for the mentally challenged, educational support, HIV tests, counselling services, moral support as well as accommodation to those neglected mentally challenged people, especially children

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