Shurugwi – A colorful wedding ceremony ended tragically at Chachacha Growth Point in Shurugwi last Saturday when a 14-year-old groomsman died in a freak car accident during the procession. Midlands Police Spokesperson Ethel Mkwende said they have not received the report.

It was gathered that Response Mapfuti was riding in one of the cars in the wedding procession when the driver lost control, veered slightly off the road and side-swiped a tree. Mapfuti who had his head hanging out through the window as he celebrated the event crashed against the tree and died. He died on the spot, according to authoritative sources.

The car was being driven by one Diploma Mutemeri.

The deceased was buried at Mutemeri Village on Tuesday. The incident left a wide rift between some family members at the wedding with others saying the wedding should be stopped while others advocated for the event to go on. Although the wedding was allowed to continue after the incident, there were also sharp clashes with some family members condemning the continuation of the event. The wedding was hosted at Mutemeri Village under Chief Mupangayi.

Marvelous Madzivanyika, an eye witness said the incident was so shocking it left people confused as to the rationale of continuing with the wedding which lingered on until the end. “The boy’s death so early into the wedding shocked everyone but more surprising was the continuation of the event even when there was already a death in the wedding party,” said Madzivanyika. 

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