The tragic plane crash in Masvingo province yesterday left 5 people dead. It is assumed that amongst the dead were Finnish nationals as some documents found on the scene showed.It is said the plane was travelling from Chiredzi to Victoria Falls.The victims bodies were dismembered in the violent episode.

Police have failed to find two decapitated heads to three torsos discovered at the scene of the plane crash. This has made the identification process difficult.

A reporter who was at the scene heard from the Police that luggage and bodies could have been strewn over a distance of 2km.

There are three torsos that have been found by the Police but we got only one decapitated head. We believe that goods and occupants of the plane were thrown out from the time that the plane was still high up in the air. We also understand that they were five people in the plane and we are still to account for the other three,” said an officer who declined to be named.

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